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More and more I find myself not being able to look at the world head on. I prefer instead to only glance at it from the corner of my eye. Reality is too harsh, too blindingly incandescent to take in full. It’s much easier to concern yourself only with mundane existence, throw yourself completely into your work, or distract yourself with entertainment or the material possessions you’ve managed to amass. Meanwhile the universe spins a little closer to complete oblivion.

Here, in abbreviated format are a few of things I worry about: war, global economic collapse, the decline of manufacturing in the United States, why the Disney corporation doesn’t love me anymore, cell phones causing brain tumors, cell phones causing brain tumors in adolescent seals being clubbed to death in waters tainted with mercury, and what the long-term effect of eating mercury tainted seal burgers will be.

I won’t deny that it’s pretty easy for me to get wrapped up in things and lose focus. However, if anyone else is paying attention, and sees the state of things the way I do when I catch a glimpse of it between reruns and news magazine shows, you’re not alone.

In short, this blog will try to purge my head of the things I fret about, both mundane and globally relevant but mostly Epcot.

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