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Epcot Postcards – Future World

June 10, 2012


Bridge to the Future The creation of fossil fuels is part of the Universe of Energy in Future World. The story of the search for new energy sources even extends into the reaches of outer space.


One Little Spark In Journey Into Imagination, Dreamfinder and Figment escort you aboard the “Dream Machine”, enjoy 3-D “Magic Journeys”, and the Image Works spurs creativity with light and sound.


World of Motion, Future World This moving presentation follows the progress of transportation through the ages. Man’s advances are shown as scenes from the past lead on to experimental vehicles of the 21st Century.


Spaceship Earth Ride a “time machine” through this 18-story “geosphere”, where an Audio-Animatronics story of communications comes to life.


Future World A Sleek Monorail circles Spaceship Earth. Inside the 18-story “geosphere” is a “time machine” ride through an Audio-Animatronics story of communications.


Universe of Energy Aided by solar panels on the roof, “ride on sunshine” back to the dinosaur era. See Nature’s dramatic enfoldment of fossil fuels into the Earth. And travel the world to view new energy ideas.


Land Explore creative partnerships with the land. Set sail for “Tomorrow’s Harvest.” Sing along at a show that has the whole town cooking. And enjoy country-store fun, food and flavor.


Communicore, Future World Join in an Electronic Forum, tap new energy ideas, preview your vacations electronically, try out information innovations, and go “backstage” to see Epcot’s fascinating computers.


Journey Into Imagination Ride into wondrous realms of creativity, challenge your imagination in a playground of the future, and take “3-D” Magic Journeys through the Looking Glass of the Mind.


Future World Discover how today’s dreams can become tomorrow’s realities. Entertainment adventures explore communications, energy, transportation, the land, imagination and much more.

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